House Rules in effect
This League plays primarily according to 3rd Ed rules. It uses a fixed schedule rather than an Open Format.
Fouling: Ejections for fouling uses a 10+ Penalty Roll rather than doubles. This is modified by +1 for each additional assist.
Additionally, a player using Dirty Player may apply the bonus to the Armor Roll OR the Injury Roll
Up to two Star Players/Rookie Big Guys may be hired by each team.Players available to your team can be viewed on the Waiver Wire.In addition, many teams have Secret Weapons at their disposal. A team may equip one player with a Secret Weapon of those available to that race. (except Goblins who may have up to 4) See the Secret Weapon Rules.
Most Rookie Big Guys have Negative Skills an all use special experience rules as follows:
Note: Big Guys cannot choose any skill on Doubles, instead they can do one of the following:
Add 1 to Strength
Add 1 to Armor Value (not to exceed 10)
Remove a Negative Skill
(Minotaurs or Rat Ogres playing on Chaos/Skaven teams may still opt for Physical Skills on doubles)
10/06/08 Players committing an Illegal Procedure penalty by moving (in the case of Wild Animal or Bone-Head) a player out of order, may only activate that player if they have a Team Re-Roll to be expended immediately (before that player's action). If such a player commits an Illegal Procedure without expending a Re-roll they may be Ejected from the game.
Secret Weapons: This Season we're testing out the 4th ed Secret Weapon rules. Teams may equip 1 player on the team with a Secret Weapon(selected from those available to the team) when they initially hire the player at the cost listed. The player may buy a Secret Weapon when intially hired and subsequently gets so attached to it that they will never give it up.
This SWP (Secret Weapon Player) takes a roster spot of the base player (normally replacing a Lineman). For instance if you hire a Chaos Warrior w/Chainsaw SWP, you may only hire 3 other 'normal' Chaos Warriors for your team.A SWP gains Star Player Points as a normal player of the same roster type. There are some exceptions to this as Ball&Chain Fanatics and Deathrollers do not earn SPPs.
There still are some Star Players who have Secret Weapons.These players may be still be hired but they take up a BG/Star Player slot (not a Secret Weapon spot) and are of course 'peaked'. The Deathroller is considered a Star player.
We Are using Sigurd's Injury Rule. When an Injury occurs consult the following table(s):
Injuries (roll 2d6)
8-9Knocked Out
10+Roll On Sigurd's Injury Table
Sigurd's Injury Table (roll 1d6)
1-3Badly Hurt
4-5Serious Injury
Speaking of injuries, Apothecaries can delay treatment for non-fatal injuries until the end of the game if they so desire. Fatalities must be cured immediately.Note that Special Play cards that have similiar healing effects can follow the same rule.
Money cannot be transferred from one team to another (ie no loans, bounties, or bribes).
You may not retire players if that will reduce your roster to less than the sacred 11. Players who retire MAY (ie are not required to) become Assistant Coaches. As of Winter '03, Coaching staff MAY be fired. All members of the team MUST be on the roster for at least one game prior to termination. (we have guaranteed contracts!)
You must declare an action a Blitz prior to rolling the dice for the Block. That is to say you cannot see what the result of the Block and then decide to declare it a Blitz. On the flip side you need not declare the Blitz until you actually roll for the Block (the timing may be important in certain situations including special play cards or skills like Horns, Stand Firm, or Diving Tackle).
Kick Off Results:
  • In general Scatter the Kick Off after applying the result.
  • Cheering Fans/Brilliant Coaching/Thrown Rock Ties are resolved by having each Coach roll the Cube of Devastation, do not apply any modifiers, high roll takes all.
  • Pitch Invasion: In case of a tie both teams are affected.
  • Special Play Cards:
  • Any card that knocks down or otherwise removes a player from the pitch causes an immediate Turn Over unless the card specifically says it doesn't.
  • Any card that applies to winnings does not include money gained via other special play cards that are not specifically winnings as such, or the prize money of tournaments
  • Better Offer, according to James, does not apply to Necromancers of any type. >:|
  • Biased Referee, thanks to an unusually effective semantic argument by Daren, may only automatically eject ONE opposing Secret Weapon player per drive (card players choice - made before the penalty roll). >:|
  • Duh, Where am I, player may not move this turn.
  • Labatt's Flying Fist, roll for scatter to determine pushback, however it must be a valid open square.
  • 08/18/03: Players who lose their Tackle Zone for whatever reason may not provide Assists for Fouling or Blocking. Obviously skills relying upon TZ such as Prehensile Tail or Tentacles may likewise not be used. Examples include players who fail BoneHead or Really Stupid rolls, or players effected by Hypnotic Gaze or Snack Break.
    Pro can only be used in your team turn
    It is customary to give a warning on the first instance of an Illeague Procedure.
    "Four Minute Rule" is not enforced.
    As specified in the rules, Range Penalties do increase the likelyhood of a Fumble. If you want a passing game, hire a Thrower.
    Players with Frenzy must follow-up if the Block results in a pushback. they do not need to follow-up a knock-down result.This means that if you frenzy someone off the pitch you must follow-up into the sideline square if the result was a pushback only.
    When a Player voluntarily enters a square containing the Ball during their own Team Turn they must attempt to Pick Up the Ball. If a Player enters a square involuntarily (ie gets pushed back) or it is not the Player's Team Turn the Ball is Scattered. The exception to this is that there are some players who are unable to pickup the ball (Unicorns, players w/ running chainsaws, etc), the Ball will Scatter if one of these players enters a square containing the ball.
    In the case of a tie at the end of regulation, one sudden death overtime period is played. Re-rolls left from the second half are carried into the OT period.If neither team scores in the OT period, the game results in a tie. If BOTH coaches agree to continue into double (or triple) overtime they are encouraged to do so, but it is not required. Playoff games continue until a victor can be determined
    A Team that loses in OT Does Not incur a -1 on the FF Roll
    Apply only one modifier for Foul Appearance or Prehensile Tail
    Don't forget to Argue the Call whenever a penalty is being applied to your team!. Tho if you Argue The Call against a Special Play Card you just may be a D-Bag!
    Unless otherwise specified, assume that the rulings from the White Dwarf Q&A are in effect.