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After a season of getting kicked around by the Crunchies, the Dodgies staged an amazing revolt, pulling off two unlikely upsets in the first round, including the hapless Femme Fatales stunning league leading Trajan's Despised Ones.The Fatales were one Oberwald dodge away from the Finals but lost in OT in the most exciting game of the playoffs. Apocalypse Drow eventually took home the Blood Bowl Trophy by defeating the Khorne Tuskers 2-1.
1. Despised Ones 2. A.Drow
8. Fatales 2. A.Drow
8. Fatales 7. Griffons
A.Drow def. Tuskers
4. Tuskers 3. Thugs
4. Tuskers 6. Sentinels
5. Stampede 6. Sentinels
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S
Apocalypse DrowDark ElfTim Ketchum25373023122812
SovKhans SentinalsHigh ElfJason Wood1794601422927
Silver GriffonsHumanChris Ballowe17237012232326
Femme FatalesAmazonDaren Graff21319012261329
Trajans Despised OnesChaos DwarfKevin Penn1887301273926
Jack-Booted Govt. ThugsOrcGreg Zuvich2026401893215
Neighbrayska Khorne TuskersChaosJames Joule23064015112036
Mourning Mountain StampedeChaos DwarfRoy Simms18964016122917