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Jan 22: Congrats to Chris for making the finals!
1. Bones 2. Sauveurs
1. Bones 2. Sauveurs
8.Bye 7. Bye
Bones def Boyz
4. Fremmblers 3. Boyz
4. Fremmblers 3. Boyz
5. North Pole 6. Rapiens
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Crunchy Conference
Dem BonesUndeadTim Ketchum1958201754514
L`Orlannes SauveursBrettonianJames Joule1767301673035
Da' Woikin' BoyzOrcChris Hall22355012134618
Furious FremmblersWood ElfKevin Penn14955015132146
North Pole ExpressionistsHigh ElfDaren Graff19546016172336
Homo RapeinsHumanJohn Roderick1701904251431