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Dexter's Line Defeats Barbs Crew after only a 4 year delay!
1. Cats 2. Crew
1. Cats 2. Crew
8. Modernists 7. Express
5. Dexter def 2. Crew
4. Thingies 3. Tuggers
5. Dexter 3. Tuggers
5. Dexter 6. Zephyrs
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
Barb's CrewKhemriKevin Penn1949101544616
Tankard TuggersDwarfTim Ketchum1755508102123
Dexter's LineOrcCory Ketchum2154601413209
Orc ExpressOrcJason Thiesfeld16937011212113

Creampuff Conference
ThunderCatsHumanDemian Willett1799101952816
The Awful Green ThingsGoblinJames Joule16655015124041
Xylem ZephyrsWood ElfDaren Graff19846015172240
The ModernistsHigh ElfJohn Roderick175190823838