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Eight teams descended into the College of Wizards' underground stadium, when the dust had cleared, the warriors from the Wasteland emerged victorious. The Neon Knights took home the coveted Dungeonbowl, in a 3-2 OT victory over the Fadark Champions. These two teams came into the playoffs seeded 7&8 but overcame long odds to reach the Finals.
1. Starhawks 2. Avengers
8. Champions 7. Knights
8. Champions 7. Knights
Knights def Champions
4. Hashers 3. Suns
4. Hashers 6. Shadows
5. Brights 6. Shadows
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S
Orstrom's AvengersOrcKevin Penn205730127506
Hanible HashersHumanRoy Simms21055016173328
Rainbow BrightsChaos DwarfDaren Graff16846015222332
Neon KnightsChaosTim Ketchum21437010192428
Moonfire StarhawksHigh ElfLayne Clemen20181133181426
Screaming SunsLizardmanSeabrook Nordenstrom20063123173218
Fadark ChampionsWood ElfBy Committee2113702830853
Blackspine ShadowsDark ElfJames Joule19037017243328