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The Rotterdam Roadkill outlasted the Mordhiem Prison Hardboys to win the prestigious Dungeonbowl. Roadkill advanced to the Final by knocking off Tolspals in a brutal no-holds-barred 11 casualty double get-the-ref Semi-Final. The Hardboys was a Cinderella team who reached the Finals by squeaking by Orcadian Onslaught and steamrolling the Lil Rascals. Ace gutter Runner Masr-Rat-Ti named league MVP.
1. Tohspals 2. Onslaught
1. Tohspals 7. Hardboys
8. B-N-S 7. Hardboys
4. Roadkill vs 7. Hardboys
4. Roadkill 3. Rascals
4. Roadkill 3. Rascals
5. Huggers 6. TECH
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
Orcadian OnslaughtOrcDaren Graff2197301393521
Li'l RascalsDwarfJames Joule19563115103520
ULU-TECHLizardmanJake Martin19346013142733
Bald-N-ShortChaos DwarfElliot Vanwormer17718111212426

Creampuff Conference
TohspalsHigh ElfKevin Penn18382024172219
Rotterdam RoadkillSkavenTim Ketchum19964033222037
Tree HuggersWood ElfChris Hall16346017251634
Mordhiem Prison HardboysHumanRoy Simms20537015222211