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League News!

Jan 21, 2005 I think we can probably schedule the start of the next season on Jan 31, tho we have to firm up a sixth player. We have two play-off games to play next Monday the 24th, but I suggest we all get together to discuss the upcoming season.

Blackhawk's improbable run ends as Gladius Maximus prevails in Overtime
1. Slavers 2. String
1. Slavers 7. Blackhawks
8. Berzerks 7. Blackhawks
Maximus def Blackhawks
4. Maximus 3. Entropyrus
4. Maximus 3. Entropyrus
5. Chabos 6. D.A.M!
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Crunchy Conference
Ironspike SlaversChaos DwarfRoy Davis1889101753721
EntropyrusChaosTim Ketchum2197301483624
Destroy All Monsters!LizardmanDaren Graff1394601515842
JakeLand BezerksNorseJake Martin1771905222320

Creampuff Conference
The Femaleship of the StringAmazonKevin Penn17682017104915
Gladius MaximusHumanJames Joule21346011102230
Chaotic GobosGoblinShawn Hamilton14346014161832
BlackhawksHigh ElfBy Committee18037012191628