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We will have wildcard games to determine the last 7&8 spots. We will re-seed after the games to determine who goes where.

Wild Card Games
7. Ratsvs10. Cdorfs
8. Helfsvs9. Necros

Also remember there's another virtual week off before the start of the playoff's. (no Miss Next Games)

1. Widows 2. Kickas
winner 1-8 2. Kickas
9. Hollows 7. Wurms
4. Kings 3. Drummers
4. Kings 3. Drummers
5. Alpha 6. Khemri
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Crunchy Conference
Ash KickasOrcTim Ketchum1987201553412
Alpha Sans WarriorsChaosDaren Graff18845013173115
KhemriKhemriJac Thomas1784501015224
Swamp KingsLizardmanTed Brown1714501416918
Khorne DogsChaos DwarfColin Gillies1561809192022

Creampuff Conference
Black WidowsAmazonJaron B1819002392525
Dunmerian DrummersDark ElfCory Ketchum20163024132318
Black Wurm ClanSkavenJohn Roderick18345012171028
The Deathly HollowsNecromaticJames Joule16536010152021
The DreamdancersHigh ElfRoy Simms18036012171127