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Baal's Minions outlasted the Not-So-Bright Crusaders in a marathon double OT to seize control of the Chaos Cup.
1. Minions 2. Crusaders
1. Minions def 2. Crusaders
4. Ratmen
4. Ratmen 3. Ragnarok
5. Sign
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S
Baal's MinionsUndeadKevin Penn2058201593922
Not So Bright CrusadersHumanTim Ketchum18764018162018
Marienburg MayhemBrettonianSeabrook Nordenstrom18664021163024
Ragnar's RagnarokNorseJames Joule21855019183127
Moldheim City RatmenSkavenDaren Graff18846022251834
The Blasphemous SignDark ElfRoy Simms190190920922