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The Black 'n Bluebloods blasted the Mordheim City Ratmen 7-2 to bring home the Chaos Cup. This was the first season where we continued experienced teams from earlier seasons. Unfortunately it was also done during a period where the league page was off-line, so there's some gaps in the data. Some coaches forgot to keep records of their games! (you know who you are, yah you! out towards the Chaos Wastes!)
1. Bloods 2. Ratmen
1. Bloods def 2. Ratmen
4. Joes 3. Tuskers
L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S
Black 'n BluebloodsHigh ElfTim Ketchum25682030101635
Neighbrayska Khorne TuskersChaosJames Joule28073015102021
Moldheim City RatmenSkavenDaren Graff25673029211347
Bloody JoesHumanDerrick Maddy2137012223326
Hanible HashersHumanRoy Simms27537014262024
The Filthy MicksDwarfKevin Penn3132809206715