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Prophecy Denied!

The Villains have come off the mat to reach take the Chaos Cup! A team that everybody counted out just a few weeks ago knocked out each opponent in turn. The Final followed the same pattern, the chaos dwarfs looked hapless and hopeless in the first half, but were able to take the Trophy in OT.
1. Reps 2. Pit
1. Reps 2. Pit
8. Flames 7. Beavs
Villians def Loco in OT
4. Griffies 3. Loco
5. Villians 3. Loco
5. Villians 6. Phillies
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Crunchy Conference
Representatives of GelderlandBrettonianKevin Penn1868201584621
Axlotl LocoLizardmanTim Ketchum2057301793724
Chaos City VillainsChaos DwarfJames Joule21246010142736
the Azure FlamesChaosMorgan Natt17201004211134

Creampuff Conference
Venom PitDark ElfRoy Davis17573020161724
Griff Oberwald ExperienceHumanJake Martin16164017152420
DVDA's Feverous BeaversAmazonDaren Graff20146017192622
Phillidelphia FaggotsWood ElfShawn Hamilton17646022202130