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Woodelves Prevail in Stunning Upset

1. Redux 2. Ethans Fav
1. Redux 2. Ethans Fav
8. Deadites 7. TMWD
1. Redux vs 3. Lords
4. Blankoes 3. Lords
5. Wailers 3. Lords
5. Wailers 6. Chuckies
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
South Central ColdbloodsLizardmanJames Joule20182019101917
The Wailing ORC-HestraOrcChris Hickerson21255018142217
Chuck NorseNorseDaren Graff20146011172124
Tom Morph and the Wharf DwarfChaos DwarfClark Fancher1792808191512

Creampuff Conference
Apocalypse Drow ReduxDark ElfTim Ketchum2258202893618
The Lords of LothlórienWood ElfCory Ketchum19573020182522
Dander BlankoesHumanRoy Simms19364017142629
Evil Ash's DeaditesNecromaticJohn Roderick16501004241330