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THAT'S RIGHT!!! We ARE going straight into another league!

(well I'm thinkn start June 25)
1. Necro 2. OWElfs
winner 1v8 winner 2v7
8. Brets 7. Halflings
4. Lizards 3. Khemri
5. Amazons Khemri
5. Amazons 6. Woodies
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
Insane In these Men's BrainsNecromaticJaron B2029102442718
Desserted by MummyKhemriJames Joule1937211454417
ChalupacabrasLizardmanRoy Simms18563114162827
Half-PintsHalflingTim Ketchum1461903223546

Creampuff Conference
The Pennsylvania-Dutch Pencil-PushersOld World ElfCory Ketchum19273024131533
S.H.E. - Sexy Hot ExesAmazonDaren Graff18855017162619
The Woodstock BouncersWood ElfJohn Roderick15237014212120
British Historical Figures All-Star TeamBrettonianJac Thomas1681907201521