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Proposed New Rule Change for Upcoming Season. Teams that lose in Overtime do NOT receive a "-1" on their Fan Factor Roll.
1. P-Dex 2. Pitch
1. P-Dex 2. Pitch
8. Fooders 7. IE6
P-Dex vs Borak
4. Matters 3. Borak
5. Bandits 3. Borak
5. Bandits 6. Ratz
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
Lizard WIZARDS USE THE WIZARDLizardmanCory Ketchum20082016112923
Borak and the DespoilersChaosTim Ketchum1797301693920
Time BanditsDwarfDaren Graff20255016132925
Scythes MattersUndeadChris Hall1645501283618

Creampuff Conference
High PitchHigh ElfRoy Simms19182025113233
Stupid Stupid Ratcreatures!!!SkavenKevin McLemore16246014182022
Internet Explorer 6 InfidelsHumanJohn Smith1632808211624
Kannon's FoodersHalflingJohn Roderick1481908242151