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The Jell-O Crusaders defeated the Filthy Micks 1-0 to take home the Spike! Trophy in a long delayed final. Ickrit Iron Paw of the Rending Ravagers has been named Spike! Player of the Year.
1. Micks 2. Crusaders
1. Micks 2. Crusaders
8. Swillers 7. Capricions
2. Crusaders def 1. Micks
4. Greenskins 3. Manglers
4. Greenskins 6. Ravagers
5. Chefs 6. Ravagers
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S
The Filthy MicksDwarfKevin Penn2367211385818
Gorgoth GreenskinsOrcRoy Simms21245111123823
Svenska SwillersNorseDan Cathey13337013192137
The CapricionsChaosDaren Graff1843708152637
Jell-O CrusadersSkavenLayne Clemen23373029123136
Mushroom ManglersGoblinTim Ketchum15873016113540
Rending RavagersSkavenSeabrook Nordenstrom177.546017233142
Gridiron ChefsHalflingJames Joule17546012183637