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Our Lady Of Nuffle wins the Spike! tourney by downing the Timberwargs 3-0 in Sweltering Heat. The game was cut short by a 5 turn riot. The Nuns outscored their combined playoff opponents 10-0. The Wargs got to the final by upsetting the favored EATERS of the DEAD in the Semi-finals. The Best Game of the playoffs was the Quarter-final Rightious Indignation vs Chaos All-Stars matchup which came down to a failed Skaven go-for-it in the EZ in OT. In a very close race, Herger the Joyous, wins the Spike! Magazine Player of the Year award.
1. Eaters 2. All Stars
1. Eaters 2. All Stars
8. Blazers 7. Indignation
3. Our Lady vs 5. Timberwargs
4. Nihilators 3. Our Lady
5. Timberwargs 3. Our Lady
5. Timberwargs 6. Hooligans
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Crunchy Conference
Chaos All StarsChaosChris Ballowe1507301582723
Nubian NihilatorsKhemriDaren Graff20963116104424
Mordorsota TimberwargsOrcJames Joule16955011152326
Sandy Eggo Beach Bum HooligansDwarfChris Hall1822717161832

Creampuff Conference
EATERS of the DEADNorseKevin Penn19582018104428
Our Lady of NuffleAmazonTim Ketchum19973016102221
Packland BlazersHumanElliot Vanwormer15328010152325
Righteous IndignationSkavenJake Martin15228013221632