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Gobbos Stun Norse!

7 seed goblins take it to the favored Norse to advance to the semis. In the other games, the Woodies defeated the Archangels in Sudden Death Blood Bowl(tm) to take the 3 seed, where they defeated the Undead on a day where the Mummies seem to have padded gloves. The 'angels compunded their misfortune by falling on the iron spike of the DWARF! team. Heavily favored one seed Amazons beat DMG Included, but continued their recent habit of traveling by Cleat Hill on their path to victory. The Academy dodges past Dwarf! in the semis, whilst Round-Up glides past the depleated Soldiers. Can the Amazons top the Woodies three times in a row?
1. Cootes 2. Rumblers
1. Cootes 7. Soldiers
8. DMGed 7. Soldiers
Cootes Def Woody
4. Angels 3. Woody
5. DWARF! 3. Woody
5. DWARF! 6. Bones
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L E A G U E    S T A N D I N G S

Crunchy Conference
Royal RumblersNorseRoy Davis1846311493923
DWARF!DwarfShawn Hamilton19754114134122
The Bone CrushersUndeadJoe Davis1613709152438
DMG INCLizardmanJake Martin1361908201629

Creampuff Conference
Coote's Academy for Wayward GentlewomenAmazonJames Joule1739101884524
Woody's Round-UpWood ElfTim Ketchum18073026171928
Arcadian ArchangelsHumanDaren Graff16373024142033
Jareth's SoldiersGoblinKevin Penn1501904193335