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Final Pending.
1. ELF 2. Ozzies
1. ELF 2. Ozzies
8. U-dawgs 7. Dorfs
1. ELF vs 2. Ozzies
4. PRats 3. Wrangers
5. RRRRRottens 3. Wrangers
5. RRRRRottens 6. Dragons
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Crunchy Conference
The Lizards of OzLizardmanJames Joule19972019103717
The really really really really RottensChaosKevin Penn1985409104019
1 Step SolutionDwarfJake Martin189360714364
Dragons of YoreLizardmanCory Ketchum18736013142714
Thumpers r UsHumanJason Thiesfeld178180420821

Creampuff Conference
ELF! !Old World ElfTim Ketchum20981027122528
Warp Stone WrangersSkavenDemian Willett1797202791629
Plaguetown RatsSkavenDaren Graff17972026141437
UlthuanHigh ElfTed Brown1903601220118
Snow White's MinionsChaos DwarfJohn Roderick1591805232328