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Join me, and together we can rule the Pitch as father and son.
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8.Thearchi 7.Still Named Dark Elf
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4.Meat 3.Pints
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Crunchy Conference
Men In HatsChaos DwarfTim Ketchum1869101943311
Half-PintsDwarfCory Ketchum20464014132711
White Meat Orc ChopsOrcRoy Simms19364013143118
Chaos State U. Debate TeamChaosJames Joule17746011131524

Creampuff Conference
Rodents Of Unusual SizeSkavenDaren Graff19882029152923
Wood-Ent Ewe Knoll It?Wood ElfChris Hickerson17046017231313
Dark ElfDark ElfJac Thomas1872809161121
Theroid ThearchsHigh ElfWill Charles1541901226419