Teams of Yore
Coached by:
TeamRaceTeam RatingGamesTDs/gmCas/gm
Baal's Minions Undead26118521.240.724.962.32
Fiction Pulpers Human22112102.150.624.852.31
Barb's Crew Khemri19411201.460.464.771.31
The Filthy Micks Dwarf313111111.131.395.71.61
EATERS of the DEAD Norse1959301.580.924.582.75
Tohspals High Elf1839302.421.752.752.08
Representatives of Gelderland Brettonian1869301.50.754.172.75
Ruet Omancers Dark Elf2148401.921.082.672.58
The Femaleship of the String Amazon1768301.5514.731.91
Mephistos Minions Lizardman1847301.
Trajans Despised Ones Chaos Dwarf1887401.270.914.182.36
The really really really really Rottens Chaos19865011.094.451.73
Orstrom's Avengers Orc26562110.564.221.44
Furious Fremmblers Wood Elf1496601.
Jareth's Soldiers Goblin15021000.51.923.583.25
Overall Record: Games Played: 198 129 65 4winning %0.652
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