Cocks Drive it Home

New head coach Knobby Schwanz returned to the team with a vengeance. Driving his Cocks into a 
pounding fury.  The Cocks were scoring, slamming, and beating throughout their game against the 

The game started off with a few bad breaks.  Ogre blocker "The Junk" had to miss the game serving 
time in the stockade for beating six snotlings to death with his beer mug.  The game was then 
delayed for several days while the Viscerators were engaged in an Orc war that prevented them from 
reaching the stadium.  Due to the continuing conflict Orcish fans were banned from the game.

Once the match was finally underway Diksburg did not dissapoint, Lead Blitzer and match MVP Snake 
Spitz racked up an impressive body count, seriously injuring three orc players, one of which would 
have died if not for prompt attention from the apothecary. Catcher Peter smalls pulled in two 
touchdowns, one off a clean pass from thrower John Thomas the other off a defensive turnover.  His 
counterpart Little Willy brought in the final score of the game taking a forward lateral from Rand 

All in all a fine game for Diksburg, the likes of which fans have seen to little of this season.