Infected Schwanz Dooms Cocks

Despite suffering with a debilitating illness, mistakenly thought to be gout, coach Knobby Schwanz 
came out to coach last nights game with the Bravos.  In a pre game interview Schwanz said, "This is 
the last game of the regular season, I don't care if this leg is a little green and stinky I'm 
gunna help me boys.

Unfortunately for Dicksburg what the coach thought was gout was actually a mild case of Nurgles 
Rot. The whole team came down with a case and were easy prey for the tough dwarven Bravos.  Despite 
playing a solid game, the illness kept the Fighting Cocks too weak to withstand the dwarven 

Despite the loss the Cocks are optimistic about the post season.  "It looks like we have a wild 
card slot against those ratmen, all we have to do is rally and were on our way" said coach Scwanz.

Fortunately for Diksburg, the Bravos and most of the surrounding area a passing priest used divine 
blessings to remove the infection, preventing a fearsome epidemic.