The Battle of the Retards!

"The Battle of the Retards" is what we overheard the Orc coach say, as they face off against the Un-
Won Skaven team. This one is for the record books, not a single casualty! The Orcs take the ball in 
the first half and proceed down field. When a Linerat 
sneaks in for a 1 die block to take down the ball carrier. It scatters next to an Orc, but that 
doesn't stop a speedy Runner from scooping up the ball and running it through the line to his 
teammate, which in turn runs it all the down next to the end zone to kill the clock. The first 
then joins him while they toss the ball around before the score, giving #4 a skill. In the end of 
half bash fest, the Orc team made 8 block attempts against the 3 Rats on the line,  finally taking 
down with no breakage. But on the plus side, and Orc thrower whored for his first point.
  At the half the Orcs packed the line to try and prevent a "OTS" (one turn score), unfortunately 
the rats, the Runner bringing the ball to the "OTS", tripped and fell shy of his target. The Orcs 
in, and after a few attempts to recover the ball (by the Orcs and the Rats) the Orcs snag it and 
down field for the score. The Next drive the "OTS" stops shy of the EZ to kill some time, but the 
put on the pressure forcing him in, giving the Orcs the opportunity to tie it up in an fairly 
uneventful drive. On turn 8 the Rats attempt another "OTS", but it ends with a failed blitz, forcing 
the game into OT!
  The Rats receive the ball and a Runner takes it as far has he could without pushing it, as they 
our of re-rolls. The Orcs put a few TZ on him, but in turn 2 he easily dodges away to win the game 
a very short overtime!