Game Re-Cap

from the Pansy Press  - CPI):
Roster Moves:
  Orlon gains a +1 AG 
Injury Report:
   No lasting Injuries!
Commentary from da Coach: Not my day.  Combination of Jake's Speed of 
Light scroll and the failure of  my Labatt's Flying Fist leads to a one turn score 
for the humans.  Ensuing drive starts with a triple skull by a treeman, (turn ends because of 
Doom and Gloom), next turn ends because Pudgy fails a pickup.  Griff scores.  I 
score twice.  I'm unable to take down a catcher, so he goes up 3-2.    Deeproot tosses Tobo 
for the tie, unfortunately Tobo can't stick the landing with a re-roll.  Game over.  The one thing 
that I was hoping to avoid, I was Robbed! just 10k short of team making target of 
360k .  Which just may do me in for the playoffs.