Gobbo Gumbo!

(from the Pansy Press  - CPI):

Our lads of Girth First! hit the road for the first of a two game midwestern roadtrip.  I'd heard 
much said about the unusual cuisine of these parts and I must say it was disappointing.  
Everything was either overcooked or undercooked and it always seemed to feature some 
poor creatures knuckles or feet  or rat-like tails.   In any event the best local dish I came 
across was a spicy stew of some unknown origin, I could taste okra, and cayenne, there 
certainly was a wang to it.  When I asked the goblin waiter what it was, he just cracked a 
wide smile and said 'we make it out back'.    On the way out I snuck around to the rear of the 
building but I could see nothing but the outhouses... Oh well trade secret I guess.
67000 fans piled into the the swampy Lambago Field to see the first match up of bitter rivals.  
The winner would have bragging rights in the upcoming Goblin Leegue.  Our Master Chef 
had trouble keeping his cooking fires burning in the soggy  stadium, thus only managing a 
bland porridge that even the goblins turn their  noses up at.  Most players only had seconds, 
some others said they'd eaten before they got to the stadium and therefore  "weren't  
Anyway the game was soon underway and after going this way and that way we ending up 
winning 4-0 and we were off to the spectacular Post-Game Feast.   Which featured Roast 
Beast and dumpling gravy with deepfried foul and giblets, and eggplant soffle with iced 
logenberry pudding over a generous helping of  an Altdorf salad....  I'd go on, but this is 
making me a might peckish....
Roster Moves:
  • #8 Slider Killed!
  • #6 Moxie the Lame Retired to coaching
  • Hired #8 Arrowroot
  • Hired #15 Goodgulf
  • Hired #16 Bromosel
  • Spam learns Hail Mary Pass
  • Tim Benzadrine learns Diving Catch
  • bought Re-Roll at full cost
  • Injury Report:
  • Pudgy Baconbreath: Broken Ribs (failed Apothecary!)
  • Commentary from da Coach: Spam gets the game ball for SPP hogging. Deeproot added 2 more to his Casualty count. Master Chef wasn't up to the job as he cooked up a total of 1 reroll for the game. Kidnapped Coach gets me 100K (Daren rolled a 6 for winnings, as did I!)