Judge Nnep is on the Case!

Breaking News!

(Altdorf - cpi) League officials are looking into allegations recently filed by Player's Union representatives that some teams are manipulating the Salary Cap by not offering coaching positions to retiring players as is customary. Said one visibly saddened unidentified player (who had been recently fired from an unnamed league leading team): "Braaaaaiinnnsszzzz ...". Word from the league front offices is that while they feel this manuever is 'probably' legal, the legendary Judge Nnep has been appointed to look into the matter. The Commissioner refused to answer reporters questions and could be seen poring over the Charter with his characteristic glower.

In Other News (from the Pansy Press - CPI): For those faint-hearted-fair-weather fans of Old World Cuisine who neglected to make this stop on the Magical Mystery Tour - they missed out indeed. Only 18,000 brave gourmands signed up for the tour couches as they swept into the dark were-wolf infested forests for this weeks matchup. No one went away hungry as we dined upon deadite dishes gallore. It's seems that almost all of their various entrees where served with a spicy chutney of a thing they called 'Head Cheese', which oddly wasn't creamy at all. If you go there, I'd recommend the Blood Pudding. The only thing negative I'd pass on is that some of their meats weren't exactly fresh (and I could never actually identify what it was - the waiter said it was "long pig"), and often there'd be grit in the food as if they accidentally included some dirt, but maybe that was just my portion. I can't exactly say what the outcome of the Bloodbowl thingy was, as I was unavoidably detained. Through some trouble with my translator, when I asked to see the chef, I was taken back to the kitchen and put in a pot as the stew of the day!! Boy was my face red! Roster Moves:

  • #13 Legolam Killed!
  • Hired #6 Moxie the Swift
  • Tobo learns a skill
  • Gimlet learns a skill
  • Injury Report:
  • Gnarls Barkley: Broken Jaw (@#@$%** Apothecary!)
  • Spam: Pinched Nerve
  • Bromosel: Smashed Knee is considering hanging up the cleats
  • Commentary from da Coach: Oakley missed yet another game. Rolled an average of 1.8/die when figuring the gate. I bet I kept that going during the game as I couldn't seem to roll anything but ones and twos. Deeproot had another stellar performance, 5 cas/2 KIA's he's averaging 3 Casualties a game, is on pace to surpass Mykal Jorgansen's record of 22 in a season.