69'ers:3 - GF:OU812

(from the Pansy Press  - CPI):
Roster Moves:
  • Hired #13 Orlon
  • Hired #16 Goddam
  • Injury Report: The Bye week takes care of our injuries. Commentary from da Coach: Jake started the game en fuego, rolled 6 consecutive injuries (9+ rolls) plus beating Deeproot's armor (with injury) and ejecting 3 guys on fouls (10+)! I finally broke the streak by successfully arguing the call on the last one. But the damage had been done. You can't expect to win when you have but 5 players on the pitch. But I made it close, Deeproot accurately passed Pudgy for a score, then Pudgy managed to not get knocked down and scored again. The third time wasn't the charm though, as Pudgy coughed up the ball on a counter blitz, and it bounced out into the open where Griff scooped it up, and there was basically no way to get it back. Game ball to Pudgy for giving us a chance. Healing Scroll + Demo Game -> can't complain about cards.