Game Re-Cap

from the Pansy Press  - CPI):
Roster Moves:
  Hired halfing #6
  Tobo (now #7) gains a +1 AG.
  Pepsi (now #10) learns Sure Feet
  Barkley gains a +1 AG and Block

Injury Report:
    #8 Arrowroot  Broken Jaw
   #12 Frito Bugger Smashed Hand.
Commentary from da Coach:  It was too much to ask for, not only did Barkley get a 
skill, he collected the MVP for 2 skills, what do I roll? 11= +1 AG!   
AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!!!   A slower stronger Zug!   I had a card advantage, they were 
even decent, Grasping Tentacles, Is It a TD (couldn't pull of the 2-die his 
choice block though), & Custard Pie which I never needed to use.   I had an 
outstanding first half, running up the score 2-0.  Looked like the game was in the bag and 
then my guys started failing to pick up th ball or disappearing into the stands.   The Norse 
suddenly were back in the game.  There rally was short lived and we recovered for the win.  I 
couldn't manage to tack on a superfluous TD on turn 8.