Game Re-cap

from the Pansy Press  - CPI):
Roster Moves:
  Goddam learns Sure Feet
  Oakley gains a +1 AG 
Injury Report:
   No lasting Injuries!
Commentary from da Coach:  Ah  Nuffle has a sense of humor, Oakley struggles all 
season to get a Skill, and what happens he also gets a +1 AG!   A brief bout of bad feelings 
broke out when I played Biased Ref, (Daren having 4 Secret Weapons gobbos out 
there, I felt that the card should effect them all, Daren thought it ought to only effect one)  We 
settled on that you could eject 1 Secret Weapon per drive as long as the card was in effect.  
Card players choice on whom gets the hook.  Game was made a lot easier when the goblin 
wizard failed to take down his target for the second straight week!  Tobo gets the game ball 
for doing two up-and-overs for scores.