Undead team gets sloppy win

(The Mausoleum Chronicle, Local Events, page 6)

If the first game of the season is any indication, the current Battle for the Blood Bowl tournament is going to be something worth missing for fans of the finesse game.

Neither the nordic William's Boys nor the old and creaky Dedrot Lyins could score in the first half, only producing casualties due to some heavy hitting. Missed passes and dropped balls were the order of the day.

The second half, in spite of some early and interesting chainsaw casualties, looked like a wash as the Lyins rookie Wight, Todd Wyght, couldn't pick up the ball in four consecutive tries. William's Boys closed in, thrower #9 capitalizing for the easy steal, yet the accomplishment went to his head. Not two steps from the end zone, he dropped the ball and dashed into the stands in pursuit of a blonde buxom wench in the second row. Sadly, his hands were only good for picking up footballs, as he was promptly beaten to a pulp.

This one slip allowed Ghoul thrower Joey Scarington the opportunity to snatch the loose ball and hand off downfield to a now fleeing Todd Wyght. William's boys discovered the pitfalls of overpursuit and could not catch the fleeing deadite.

As time expired, Dedrot scored its first and only touchdown, securing a 1-0 victory. Certainly not a game of skill or precision, but did feature a combined 7 casualties. Perhaps there is some entertainment value to be had in the series after all.

  • Mummy Al Wojciechowicz Alhazred learns to BLOCK
  • Skeleton Splint Kriewldt is named MVP
  • +1 Fan Factor
  • 110,000 gold crowns in ticket sales, sales of Brain Walker's Pleased to meat you. earn extra 60,000
  • Management purchases rookie wight Bony Semple