Itchy. Tasty.

A tale of woe for the eight casualties of the Ruet Omancers:
    A lineman forever weakened with a shattered collarbone,
    Another dismantled by a star ghoul's blow,
    A Witch Elf claimed by a chainsaw blade,
    Five more claimed by tomb-king's rage,
    And the last struck down, to return zombified.

  • With merchandising, made 170,000 gold
  • +1 FF
  • MVP went to Splint Kriewaldt, an otherwise worthless skeleton
  • Bony Semple becomes a certified PRO
  • Az-Zahir Hakim learns how to DIVING TACKLE
  • Stupid chainsaw zombie got +1 AG. Retired him and hired another who might learn PRO someday. What good is an AG 3 zombie?
  • Cody joined team as a fresh zombie. Sadly, even elf zombies are AG 2.
  • Retired two skeletons to make room for the zombies I seem to pick up every week
  • Hired rookie ghoul
  • Brains