Death, Death, Death.

Brettonians versus Old World Elves
Bob Lostus reporting:

               Despite the Old Elves extra tricks they were beaten. They were beaten like elderly, 
weak and old humans playing. 3 Deaths and 4 touchdowns scored on them was almost unwatchable. Not 
one touchdown scored by the aged elves like they hadn't taken their medication and didn't know what 
to do other than stand around and get killed.  Now down to 8 players with only 5 lineman what will 
time say? The elves are known for pulling off miracles but these will need one. Perhaps they will 
be able to rebuild their team and hire some players that become great. Those players could turn the 
tide and would have too for the elves to place well in the league this season. Although unlikley, 
no elves should be counted out this early. Time will tell. Good luck elves.