Grudge Match!

Bob Lostus reports:

             The previous matchup early in the season left the Rainbow Coalition with a loss. The 
Elves hadn't been devastated and dealt its crippling blow by the Knights yet.  Talking with the 
coaches of Elftastic and the Rainbow dwarves was violently revealing.  The Rainbow Coalition swore 
vengeance and death upon Elftastic for their loss before.  The elves with their pithy pride of 
course tried to defend themselves with weak threats and taunts.  Still, it was clearly going to 
make the upcoming game a Grudge match!


Post game report:

             A shutout by the Rainbow Coalition.  Good and improved movement by the Elves but they 
couldn't get past the defensive line.  There was a few miraculous runs in and out of many dwarven 
tacklers but still most runs were held up by someone whether protected or alone near the goal line. 
The 'Fridge' one of the elves best players at this time is out for the next game with a fractured 
leg. Dungeon room reports the Apothecary was drunk and couldn't heal him.  However, maybe out of 
pity the Coalition healed the catcher preventing a slower player.  Maybe that's why the Apothecary 
of the eleves hit the sauce. There was also rumors from the dungeon that 60k was somehow Robbed! by 
the Elves.  Desperate actions for so noble a race.  How badly have their losses affected them? 

             In other unrealted game news Elftastic! has been in a controversy over it's new theme 
song.  Many want Simply Elf's song with the lyrics "If you don't know be my elf". Others think it 
wasn't aggressive enough and want Elfwell's song with "Always feel like some elf is watching me".  
The other candidate was Elf Stewart's song "Forever Elf".  With the elf government deciding it, 
they may never have a theme song before the season ends.