Fanciful Unicorns Ravaged by Sickness and Lycanecrosis

   A case of Goblin Flux decimated the Orc team, The Fanciful Unicorns, and kept three players from
showing up to the first game of the season.  After receiving the first kick off the Unicorns seemed
bound and determined to negate the Necromatics numerical advantage through the judicious use of
chainsaws and gumption.  Allegations made by a few fans after the match indicate that Lycanecrosis
may have had information on the Orc team that allowed them to break up a dodge attempt by the Blitz
Orc carrying the ball.  Whether the rumors are true or not, the Necros got to the scattered ball
first and scored.  Lycanecrosis stole the ball one more time using their numbers advantage to set up
a second touch down.  Both teams suffered a thinning of the ranks from casualties and K.O.'s on the
Unicorns side and K.O.'s and ejections on the Necromatic team before the halftime show.
  Despite some initial ball handling problems, Lycanecrosis manage a leisurely scamper to the end
zone savaging the Orcs mercilessly all along their march.  Only having three players left, the
Unicorns were unable to mount an offense and had to watch as a fourth score went against them
before the clock eventually ran down.

Cards:  Flue Bug, Spy, Time Warp.

   "Zombies and skeletons are the easiest of the coporeal undead to make.  With them, all you need is
a complete corpse (or skeleton), and some unholy water. After blighting and cursing the corpse, all
one has to do is anchor a nether realm spirit to the remains."  Coach Wyrdbitten's "Necromancy Made