Lycanecrosis Faces Charges by Kurbstompers.

   Mere days before the final bout preceding the semi-finals, several players of Khornes
Kurbstompers woke to find the bodies of dead loved ones disinterred, defiled, and set on display
before their homes.  Although no evidence was found to indict the Necromatic team, police still
searched (with warrants) Lycanecrosis's team members, cheerleaders, and coaches.  Although nothing
incriminating was found the Chaos team still took their ire out on the Necro's and out injured them
3 to 1 during their match.  Lycanecrosis outscored them however, 3 to 1.

   "...Worgs, dire wolves, cave jackals, black dogs, black wolves, and cairn howlers all make great
spirits to create the dreaded lycanthropy disease/curse.  There are many ways to prepare the mortal
animal before harvest, some people still call this 'planting the seed of evil' (as Amen-hotep coined
it); necromancy is practical recycling practices no matter what the ignorant claim!  There are many
ways you can prepare the alpha you have chosen: Feeding them man flesh, teaching their pack to hunt
all living things equally, separating them then subjecting the alpha to repeated and multiple
trauma's, 'dream forcing' nightmares of mortals slaughtering their pack, to name just a few
techniques.  You will eventually tell when you have driven your mortal pack alpha mad, just be
prepared to keep the animal alive and focused on its hate until the full moon harvest..."  An
excerpt from Coach Wyrdbittens' "A Treatise on Unique Necromantic Curses".