Necromatic Coach Blames Elven Magic for Recent Loss.

   Yess, It vass illegal magicss that Undone team."  Complained Coach Wyrdbitten of Lycanecrosis,
who failed to acknowledge allegations of his vampiric cheerleader feeding on spectators.  "It vass
plain for all fanss at game.  My flock vould ssurround and ssuppress elfss, putting many
tackle zoness.  Ve vould take ball avay, yet ball vould bounss back to elf handss, and they alsso
dansse into and out of clutchess of poor dead children.  Ass vell, ve could not pick up ball.  I
know my children can take ball ass vell ass living can, elf magic sstopped uss.  Now exsscuss,
musst feed team and create more Childrenss"  Whether Coach Wyrdbittens allegations are true or not,
we all have to agree on one thing.  That guy is Creepy!

  "Creating a ghoul is tricky and somewhat unsatisfying, as you are not truly creating an undead
creature at first.  Ghouls start as blended beings, a living host fused with that of a raving
gluttonous sprit.  This blended spirit will slowly drive the original person mad by forcing them to
a diet of dead human flesh.  Eventually the person is driven from their own bodies or begins sharing
in the spirits cravings.  It is not clear which is the case, what is clear is that the new ghoul has
its own identity that is free from those of the spirit and host."  Coach Wyrdbitten from 'Necromancy
Made Easy'