Sparkle Motion Lacked Luster

   "Thesse Elfss did not have illegal magicss.  Thiss made angry fanss sstorm field to batter my
children after ve made vin by ussing clock!  It vass nessissary to usse clock!"  Coach Wyrdbitten
gloated after their two to one victory over the Old World Elves.  "Ve make sselibrationss by making
new vight.  Fanss of Lycanecrossiss vill meet #12 Vengeansse Ssvorn next veek."  *(translation: #12
Vengeance Sworn)*

   "Wights may simply be described as a hateful incorporeal spirit bound to the bones and armor of a
fallen hero.  But it is much more than that, and their creation can be one of the most intricate and
rewarding endeavors that a necromancer will ever undertake.  To start the process the soul of a
fearless warrior must be procured and subjected to a six month procedure.  By subjecting the spirit
to nightly sessions of memory deconstruction, the Five Displays of Dominance, and the three Rituals
of Degradation and Torment you will slowly wipe away any sense of personality and mercy that the
spirit might of had; this should instill a sense of obedience as well.  
   During the last two months of a wights creation, the necromancer will have to prepare the bones
and armor for their eventual inclusion into the process.  In the fifth month of the procedure the
bones and armor must be subjected to Gibblers Ritual of Defilement, once on the full moon and then
on the darkest moon.  In the final month Sigils of Dark Intent must be minutely scribed upon each
bone and each piece of armor.  Make sure to carefully create your sigils since these will not only
bind the spirit to the armored skeleton on that last full moon, but it will also serve as the defining
motivation for the new wight; a new personality if you will."    Coach Wyrdbitten's Necromancy Made