Chaos team suffers Khornes against Necro's

   Coach Wyrdbitten summarized the game after a hard fought overtime battle.  "It vass sserindipity
or providenss that brought my childrenss back from dissasstrouss firsst half.  Ve tried to ssteal
ball from them, but could not...capitolisse, sso they sscore.  My Childrenss could not sseem to pick
up ball before firsst half end.  Ssecond half ve sscore, but sslowly becausse ve had to beat up
Chaoss playerss.  Ve kick off and ssteal ball but ve had no time to sscore, game goess overtime. 
Vhen ve von coin tosss I knew my children vin game, but they beat up more playerss on their vay."  

   "Tomb Guardians and Mummies are not separate forms of undead.  The only difference between them
is that Tomb Guardians voluntarily choose to accept the curse before they die, whereas Mummies are
animated by a curse due to their proximity to the region affected by the magic.  There are many
types of curses that can create a Mummy (or Guardian), and oddly enough, Necromatic energies account
for only one fourth of the spells that can create one.  Since these curses and spells may linger for
generations or eons before triggering a Mummy into existence it may not be prudent or economic to
wait for one of your own creation.  The best method I have found is to gain control of Mummies that
have already been triggered into existence.  With patience and a lot of research into the cursed
treasure/region one can find the lever to assuming control of these undead creatures.  Roughly
eighty percent of the Mummies I've controlled was from gaining or threatening the treasures cursed
by some long ago mage.  Sturmazer, Dolechalk, and Iben have written some of the best compilations of
curses that can bring about a Mummy"  Coach Wyrdbitten's 'Necromancy Made Easy'