Flying Frank N Stein Keeps Orcs Scoreless

   The first half of the Sparkling Unicorn vs. Lycanecrosis saw the Necromatic team kicking off to
the Orcs.  During the initial dust up the Necromatic team managed to steal the ball and score in
record time.  This set the crowd literally on fire in a riot that killed an estimated seven hundred
fans.  Somehow through the brawl, no one was able to stop the clock, so the remainder of the first
half was another casualty of the riots.
   Lycanecrosis received in the second half and seemingly plodded down the field using a shifting
screen offense.  Each time it seemed as though the Unicorns Black Orcs were stopping the Necromatic
advance(by threatening Infantgobbler), it turned into a crowd pushing trap against the Unicorns. 
With the score at 2-0 the Orcs claimed the ball after the kick off, and condensed into a perfect
cage (That picture perfect cage that all coaches dream of but rarely achieve).  When it seemed as
though the undead, manufactured men, and cursed beings of Lycanecrosis were about to receive the
type of punishment they had dished out earlier, the star player Frank N Stein showed the world why
he's a star.  With a bounding leap that cleared Zombies and Orcs alike, and put every Wardancer to
shame, Frank flew into the cage feet and fist first and smashed the here-to-fore protected ball
carrier like a bug.  Dr. Moonchild collected the loose ball and ran in the third and final score of
the game.