Amazons are 'Nun' to Happy

  Lycanecrosis cavorted through the first half with a combination of tight team play and a dose of
good luck.  Quickly frustrated with their bad fortune, Second To Nun resorted to pack fouling to
vent their spleens and even the odds against the Necromatic team; the referee not only turned a
blind eye but seemed to encourage some Amazons to commit these acts.
   In the second half things did not go all Lycanecrosis's way.  While obviously trying to kill some
time the ball was fumbled, and in the aftermath of a bloody skirmish(Two players killed and several
removed from the game) Second to Nun eventually came up with the ball.  Impeccable blocking and
screen plays assured the Amazons the final touchdown of the game.  2-1 Lycanecrosis.

   "Every Necromancer has to start somewhere, and for us the basics are the creation of zombies
and/or skeletons.  While most experienced mages of the dark arts sneer at or ignore their humble
beginnings I encourage treasuring those memories.  After all, your first steps into the ultimate
form of magic is your first step towards knowing unmortality.  Those first few successes at
animating someones remains are the first times we open ourselves to the realm of death and begin the
acquisition of our Dark Auras (or our Web of Death if you prefer).  Gaining the secrets of
unmortality is like peeling an onion, and the outer skin has the largest area to work with."   Coach
Wyrdbitten's 'Necromancy Made Easy'.