Lycanecrosis 'Clocked' Lizards

  Eau De Lizards had the deferment and (very sunny conditions) took the first kick of the game, only
to meet the dead meat wall.  The Lizardmen could not knock an appreciable hole in the defenders line
and the dwindling supply of players made the lizards attempt a poorly screened dash for the end
zone.  This allowed Lycanecrosis to steal the ball, they burned as much time as possible forcing the
Lizards to receive a one turn kick off before the half's end.
   In the second half, the Necromatic team almost lost the ball while trying to force a hole in Eau
De Lizard line.  When the scaly folk were unable to recover the ball, the Undead and Cursed drove
the ball into a holding pattern near the end zone and burned time.  A short riot insured Eau De
Lizards a lack of time to make up a point.