Ratts Leave Lycanecrosis Stiff and Cold

   An exciting first half began with Lycanecrosis kicking off to the Ratt Pack just before a game of
ball carrier targeting began.  The Dead stole the ball and looked as though they were going to
score, but a lucky one die hit stopped their advance; a skirmish ensued and the Skavens gained the
ball.  with time running low the Ratt Pack try to use their speed to advantage but the dead got in
the way and a continuous skirmish saw neither team control the ball.
   Lycanecrosis received in the second half and looked as though they would score easily, but they
didn't factor in the Ratt Packs speed and they lost the ball to another series of possession
skirmishes.  When the Skaven eventually gained the ball they did manage to luck a touch down. 
Certain fans indicate that Lycanecrosis could not pick up the ball during that fray, and after
receiving the next kick off.  Time ran out before they could tie the score.

   "I've had many people ask me why the unmortals have not taken over the world since many varieties
of unmortals can self perpetuate; Ghosts, Wraiths, Vampires, and Werewolves (just to name a few)can
all create more of their own kind.  The answer is simple yet leaves many mortal priests screaming
about blasphemy, it is natures 'rule of balance'.  The offspring of Ghosts and Wraiths take many
decades to grow into their full strength and often end up victimized by the living before they can
achieve that.  Werewolves have to contend with their own appetites and often do not leave enough
remains for another lycanthrope to develop.  Whereas Vampires only sire an amount of offspring that
they can control, and it takes them generations to found new covens."  Coach Wyrdbitten's Necromancy
Made Easy.