Fans Hand Orcstrom Avengers the Win

While the first half of the Orcstrom Avenger and Lycanecrosis game did not see any touchdowns, it 
did reward the fans with some exciting play.  Despite early casualties the Necromatic team was able 
to thwart all the Orc's attempts at putting a drive together.  This lasted until just before the 
buzzer when star player Varag Ghoulchewer made his move and inexplicably tripped over his own feet.
Lycanecrosis hit the pitch in the second half with renewed vigor and what may have been a plan.  
Thanks to the teams ghoul(the highly skilled #3Graverobber Infantgobbler) the ball was promptly 
fumbled into the stands where a star eyed fan made the pass of a lifetime to #2Nosaj Dleifseht
(Orcstrom's Ogre.  Even with a head start, the lumbering Ogre could not stop himself from being 
swarmed by the curse born Necromites.  Unable to batter his way out of the trap he took a page from 
the Elves and dodged his way into the end zone.  A random lightening bolt from the stands ended 
Lycanecrosis' bid to tie up the game for an overtime match.  Despite a low scoring game, the fans 
did seem to enjoy the carnage rate.  A total of eight injuries occurred with three of them 
resulting in Deeaaath!