Lady Luck Hated the Drow

Everything seemed rosy for the Apocalypse Drow Redux when their game against Lycanecrosis began, 
after the kick off they easily burst through the Necromatics, stripped away any options for the 
defense, removed animated corpses from the pitch, and scoring oh so easily.  Killing off #5Patched 
Grabber from Lycanecrosis should have debilitated the team, heck they had even knocked out the dead 
shamblers only ghoul; yet... Lycanecrosis battled through tricks and traps, losing the ball to Dark 
Elven players, losing it to lightening bolts, but time and time again recovering it to tie it up at 
the very end of the first half.  
In the second half it was even more obvious that luck was against the Apocalypse Drow Redux, within 
the first few turns the Elves medium armor began to tear like paper and Lycanecrosis removed player 
after player from the pitch.  Apocalypse would take the ball only to lose it on the next turn, yet 
it was the expenditure of players they sacrificed with each attempt that inevitably removed any 
chance of victory from the Dark Elves heart felt game play.  Eventually Lycanecrosis was able to 
firmly control the ball and taunt the few Dark Elves remaining on the pitch as they ran the clock