In an historic development, the League and the BBPU (Blood Bowl Players Union) agreed to a new 
contract.  The two year long Lock Out has been lifted!  Blood Bowl games will be played again! 
Details of the contract are unknown, but sources say that after big up front cash payments to the 
BBPU lawyers, the Players have agreed that in exchange for their Immortal Souls, they will be able 
to buy beer from the stadium concessions at cost plus a small handling fee.  Fans are expected to 
return the games in droves as the replacement sport of Women's Snotling Ball never really caught on 
outside of Lustria.

The featured game of Opening Night was the inter-family squabble of the reformed Apocalypse Drow 
Redux vs the Lords of Lorien.  The game was closer than the 3-1 score indicated, but it was clear 
that the Woodelves were more than a little rusty as they repeatedly dropped open catches and 
tripped over their own fabulously oversized shoes. (perhaps the curled toes with the bells attached 
were not such a good idea)

Box Score
Roster Moves: FF+1
  • #2 Lineelf
  • gained +1 MA
  • #3 Lineelf
  • learned Guard
  • #5 Lineelf
  • gained +1 MA (yes that's right I rolled 2x 6+4s)
  • #8 Lineelf
  • became a Leader Hired: Injury Report:
  • #16 Misses a week
  • Commentary from da Coach: I was successfully able to whore for many many points, unfortunately the 2 MA increases kind of dampened the 4 skills I received. My cards were Inspiration and Magic Hand of Jark Longarm which went unused. Cory, as a harbinger for the game to come, rolled a one for cards, which ended up being Get 'Em Lads. Game was relatively close, as I marched down and scored, his catcher scored easily, I score again. On his counterattack he failed the critical go-for-it that would have sprung his catcher for another score and I wrote "game over" in my notebook.