Deadites III the Redeadening.

Box Score
Roster Moves: FF+1 Hired: Injury Report: Commentary from da Coach: I played a super conservative game as it was the playoffs. I lost the coin flip but rolled a Blitz! On the blitz my assassin stabbed the Count taking him out for the entire game. We both lost our stars to injury (Chaney and Tuern). After a bit of dancing I was able to take the ball away. Thanks to Illegal Drugs I was able to score (after a Lurve Potion). In the second half, since the Count stayed KO'd, I ran up a huge numbers advantage and sat on the clock. John's card advantage wasnt much of an advantage as he had 2 Extra-Trainings and a Charity Match. My other card was the Bounding Leap which I help in reserve. I'm tempted to say that I wrote "Game Over" in my notebook when the count went out, but really the first half could have gone either way and it wasn't until I had the ball at the goal line in the second before the game was secured.