Wailers Silenced

Box Score
Roster Moves: FF+1 Hired: Freebooted Harkon Heartripper Injury Report: Lineelf #10 killed by Morg (apothecary failed) Commentary from da Coach: I got real lucky early on and actually injured a few players, including Varag. Chris' wizard stopped my second score of the first half and forced me to use mine as he was able to complete a pass in traffic and send the ball halfway across the pitch. I recovered and punched it in. He nearly came back tho by accurately tossing a goblin into the EZ, but failed sticking the landing. He almost scored on turn one of the second half the same way, but again the goblin failed the landing. So with just a little less bad luck the outcome could have been at least 3-2 if not completely different. As it was I really lucky with armor/injury rolls so cruised to a victory. Chris' strategy of buying tons o cheerleaders/ass coaches paid off with 2 Brilliant Coaching and one Cheering fans. I wrote "game over" in my notebook when the goblin failed his second landing.