Orc-hestra Hits Sour Note.

Box Score
Roster Moves: FF+1
  • #4 Blitzer
  • gained +1 MA
  • #5 Lineelf
  • learned Block
  • #10 Lineelf
  • learned Dodge
  • #12 Lineelf
  • Rolled doubles but took Block
  • #15 Assassin
  • Rolled boxcars took ? Hired:
  • #1 Witchelf
  • Injury Report: none Commentary from da Coach: I wrote "game over" in my notebook when I hit Varag with a Custard Pie on turn 2 and fouled him into the second row. I lost Tuern early in the second half proving once again that block/dodge/4str are useless. My other card was Under Scrutiny, is there a better card?