Darkelfs blinded.

Box Score
Roster Moves: Hired:
  • #13 Witchelf
  • Injury Report:
  • Lineelf #16 Killed
  • Commentary from da Coach: Game was going along textbook until on turn 7, Roy knocked down block/dodging Tuern, KO'd him, then when on a rampage where he knocked down and injured 3 straight players (one was a kill). I still was right there and looked to be able to knock down the ball carrier, but then in order to pick it up I needed to Dodge and he had a Grasping Tentacles, so the guy trips and injures himself. Tuern has been blocked three times so far this season, taken down each time (30% three times happens about 2% of the time), armor broken each time (40% which is about 6% of the time), Injured twice and KO'd the other time (about 1%). Overall to have that series of events to one such player is .000012%. My block/dodge blitzer was blocked twice and taken down both times (tho one required a re-roll), and only KO'd once. In any event, tho I was undermanned, I was lucky to score defensively and burned the clock to make it harder on Roy to tie it up. Then Roy made his only tactical mistake of the game, he left only one guy in scoring range, and all I needed to do to win was not roll a double skull to stop him and rolled a double skull. No problem, won the toss in OT with 5 players on the pitch. All I needed to do to win was pick up the ball and handoff the ball without rolling 2 ones, then survive a desperation one die counter- blitz on a Block/Dodge player. Needless to say, rolled a one on the pickup, re-rolled, then rolled a one on the handoff. My Block/Dodge blitzer KO'd off the ball. My two one die desperation blocks came up pushes, game over. My cards were pretty ho hum Inspired Play removed the ogre for the first half, Kelhoffer's Magic Foot, and Fake Play. His were awesome, Injured In Practice took out my Block/Dodge lineelf, and a turnover causing Grasping Tentacle.