Vicious One Storm Blows Down Tree Elfs

Box Score
Roster Moves:
  • #1 Witchelf
  • gained +1 ST
  • #6 Lineelf
  • learned Block
  • #11 Lineelf
  • learned Block
  • #13 Witchelf
  • learned Block Hired:
  • #9 Blitzer
  • Injury Report: none Commentary from da Coach: Cards were cancelled when I exchanged Peaked for his Blitzkrieg (we both rolled ones). Fortunately that was one of the few ones I rolled, whereas Cory was skulling it up all over. The dice loved me all nite, allowing me to whore up two rookie Witchelfs to a skill and two other lineelfs as well. I'm not sure when I wrote "Game Over" in my notebook but by halftime it was certainly written in there.